Egypt stuff in museum

Amsterdam, day 2 (Friday)

We woke up and made a quick map of places we wanted to see. We first went to a museum which was very nice in my opinion! Although the human anatomy part was quite disgusting sometimes.. They had a great shop and I saw two great books I once had seen in Berlin but hadn’t bought back then, so I bought them. When we exited the building it was raining again *suprise* and I bought an umbrella (worst umbrella ever, cannot describe how rubbish it was!). We wanted to visit the new church but it was closed, so we went for a pizza and then got to the old church.

The church was quite beautiful, despite being under construction at the moment. The roof is made of wood and it had quite a nice atmosphere.

After this, we went to the train station because my friend Tim was around Amsterdam and visited us. We met and decided to go to the Jordaan (a part of Amsterdam). The queue before the Anne Frank house was so immense long that we didn’t want to stand in line there, so we went to the Grachtenhuis instead. This house is party a museum where you can hear and see some things about how some parts of Amsterdam were build. It was made with a lot of love and detail, and there was this miniature house with many little windows where you could look in and hear sounds to it.

Afterwards, we went to the same kebab place as thursday and to the Irish pub.

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