Early morning on Ounasvaara

When Janusz and I walked outside yesterday, we decided we should get up early someday and see the sunset. Since we didn’t plan to party on saturday and the night was very clear, we decided to do it the next morning. So I got up at 6:30, sadly Janusz did not sleep well (or he didn’t sleep at all) caused by a bad caugh..

Since I was up anyway and my bad was already packed, I went anyway. It was getting light a little and I tried to hurry to see the sun, but eventually I did only see the sun once during the whole day, because it was so foggy. It was amazing though! Everything was still frozen and in the middle of the forest I saw little open swampy places, they looked so unreal! They were all white and kind of looked like places for angels. I was so excited and happy. It was freezing cold but I walked for about 3 hours and couldn’t stop smiling about the beautiful nature around me.

Eventually I ended up at some kind of small gathering of wooden Finnish houses. I wonder if they are like summer cottages or something, because if they are rentable, I would advise everyone to take a holiday here!

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