Pyhä-Luosto national park, day 2

We had gone to bed at about 11PM, didn’t set an alarm and woke up at about 10 in the morning. We had made a fire in the hut the day before, and it was really hot when we fell asleep, and it was still warm in the morning. It was raining a bit, but not much.

The day before we had found a dead mouse outside our hut in water that we had used to cook spaghetti. In the morning, some magic had happened and there were now 3 mice. We cooked some water to drink (because we weren’t sure if it was clean enough) and then left.

It was raining a bit, but that didn’t really matter. The colours were still amazing, red and (dark) yellow everywhere, and even the fog was amazing to see. We even saw some reindeers, and were in a good mood. We came to another hut, and from thereon the path changed, first it was a bigger path, and then we started to see really steep walls with either lakes or swamps on the bottom. The colours of the plants were amazing! Every colour between light yellow, dark yellow, light and dark green, red and orange was present. This part of the hike was definitely the one with the most beautiful view.

We finished our hike at about 3PM and entered a bar/restaurant so we could get warm. Initially, we planned to get a pizza once we would return to Rovaniemi (which would be about 9PM), but I had the feeling I would be starving when I wouldn’t eat until 9, so we ordered food for 4 o’clock, which was a great idea. I had a steak with fries and frozen raspberries with hot caramel sauce (an interesting combination – in a good way).

Our way back was pretty unspectacular. It was pretty hot in the train but this time even Maren and me were able to convince the conductor to give us a student rebate. We got home, biked up to Kuntotie (where we live) and took a shower. Afterwards, we gathered for a glass of vodka to toast to our trip.

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