Pyhä-Luosto national park, day 1

Janusz told me about a hiking trip he planned with Zuzana, and asked me if I wanted to come as well. I told Lana and Maren about and they were excited as well and decided to join. unfortunately Janusz had trouble with a foot and it was not sure if he’s be able to come with us.

The day before we left, we all had dinner together and spoke about the trip. Sadly, Janusz said that he would be unable to join us.

The next morning, I woke up late (still in time, but I had to hurry and had to skip any breakfast), forgot the water, the vodka and didn’t have time to make myself some sandwiches. We stopped at a supermarket and I got some new water (which fell down 3 minutes later and broke) and a baguette. Sadly, you can only buy alcohol (4,7% or more) in a shop called ALKO, which isn’t open at that time yet.

We made the train and soon the conductor came. Maren and I didn’t pick up our student cards yet (we had paid it and had the receipt with us), so we asked for a student-price. The conductor told us it’s only possible if you have the card, so we had to pay the full price (2 times the student price), which is really stupid, because we are members of the student union already. After a short trip, we arrived in Kemijärvi and we entered the bus which would take us to the Pyhä-Luosto national park.

We arrived about 11AM, chose a path to walk and started our trip. The sun was shining and it was warm. We climbed up the hill, which was quite exhausting and we took a break on top, where we had an amazing view. Although the sun made us feel like we were in a sauna while climbing up the hill, once we took a break we realised that it was really cold.

We continued and reached our hut quite early, about 4PM. The hut was small but very nice, the windows were small so it was pretty dark but there were a pot, a pan, some gas, and an oven. There was an indoor and an outdoor fireplace, loads of wood we could burn, a toilet and a place with fresh water.

We looked around for a little and then walked to a nearby lake and enjoyed the sun for a bit. When we returned and we wanted to make a fire we realised that people had been there while we were at the lake and already had make a fire, so we only had to put wood on top, great! We had bought Bratwurst (sausages), I made another sandwich, we had cheese and vegetables and had a great dinner.

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