Footprints in water

Wet, wet, wet

We (Jo and I) took the night train from Rovaniemi to Helsinki wednesday evening, watched a movie (Midnight in Paris) and went to sleep. When we woke up, I took a shower. The water didn’t really flow away, but since it remained on the same level although I continued showering, I didn’t really care much. After I finished, Jo suddenly knocked on the door and showed me that the whole compartment was flooded. She had already put our backpacks and her suitcase on the bed, and my suitcase did resist the water, luckily. Another good thing was that nothing really got wet except out feet.

I put on clothes and went to search someone I could talk to. I had to go through about 6 or 7 wagons, only to find the lady in the restaurant who didn’t speak English (“Sinä puhut englantia?” – “Ei”), but she told me where I could find the conductor. I told him what happened and he called for the service (which didn’t pick up the phone). I asked him what to do and where I could make a complaint, but he only said that I had to go to a second conductor near the sleeping compartments. I searched – and there was no secnod conductor. That was about when we arrived in Helsinki, and we got off the train and went into the train station. There was a nice guy working for VR (the train company) which was willing to help us, he gave us a complaint form which we filled in (and I hope they will actually look at it) and showed us the way to the bus we had to take afterwards.

If we’re lucky, we get our money back..

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