Beautiful Lapland


We had been to a classical concert which was quite nice, although very different than what I expected (for example, there was a saxophone player..), and I met Michael Jacobs, my photo teacher told us that the north was definitely worth a visit, and advised us to visit Särestöntie, where a museum/atelier of some Finnish artist is.

We started to drive and it was an awesome day! It was about -2°C.. We drove and drove and after about 1.5 hours we only managed to drive 60 of the 139 KM, maybe because we stopped so often.. We drove past a river all the time, and the sights on the road were just amazing. There were a lot of Reindeers all across the streets.. As we drove further, the temperate went down to -8.5°C, and by the time we finally arrived at Särestöntie, it was -12°C, which made me feel like the winter would finally come (and it was really cold..). So we arrived and had to conclude that the museum was closed, too bad. So we just drove back, but the trip was absolutely priceless, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

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