The cottage

Cottage life

My mom and me rented a car, booked a cottage (thanks to Laura who advised this one) and got on our way. It was about 60KM away from Rovaniemi in Raanuj√§rvi, not far from the Swedish border. The woman who rented the cottage had a few cottages and we could see another type of cottage also. We had a big, luxury and modern cottage which was made for 8 people, so we had plenty of space. It was simply stunning! It’s really true that the wooden houses make you feel at home immediately. We made a fire and enjoyed being far from all trouble.

There was nothing to see around the house except nature, which feels great. You can go to sauna and jump in the snow without anyone being around or just sit on the veranda. It’s funny when your heart beats fast inside the sauna and when you sat outside for a few minutes it’s almost standing still.

Renting a cottage (or getting to a free one) is definitely something I would advise to everyone!

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