Architecture in St. Petersburg

Day 2 in Russia

Paul woke me up with “Hey man, we are 4 hours late”.. The party the night before was just awesome, so we overslept and missed today’s tour..

We decided to get some breakfast first. On that way, we saw an old woman spitting on a dog, a small child with a gun while his father held a beer and had the worst breakfast ever. After this, we walked around and enjoyed being in St. Petersburg. We visited a museum and ate at Subway (it was easier to order there than at McDonalds).

In the evening, I had booked a ballet, “Swan Lake”. I had never seen any ballet before, but I heard that the ballet in St. Petersburg was good. To keep it short: it was awful. The dancers were not good, and I was disappointed. People talked during the show, they constantly took photos (with flash) and drinking was allowed. Money thrown away.

At night, we took a limousine tour, including sparkling wine. We drove around the city but we didn’t see much from inside the limo 😉 After the tour, we wanted to go out, but the place they dropped us wasn’t really where we wanted to go. Since almost everyone drives like a taxi in St. Petersburg (you just stop a car, pas around 4€ and they take you where you want), we did that and wanted to go with the other exchange students. Too bad for us that we didn’t know where to go. Eventually the driver dropped us in the city center and we started to walk. Again, we asked a girl if she knew a place to party and she wanted to take us to some. But then, we got a text where the party would happen and we took another “taxi” there. The drive was awesome. After a long time with many turns and lots of fun we finally arrived. This party also was nice, although not as nice as the first night 😉

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