Church of the Savior on Blood

Hello St. Petersburg

We arrived early in the morning, and I woke up too late to get some breakfast. So we went into Russia, and after a huge problem for one girl, who wasn’t allowed to enter Russia, we started our city tour. In the souvenir shop we stopped by, we got as much Vodka as we wanted free of charge. Since it was morning, I didn’t want much but I couldn’t say no.. In Russia Vodka drinks you 😉

We drove around the city a bit and saw many impressive buildings. I have been to Russia with my granddad a few years ago and it was amazing recognising things.

I was starving, and after I checked into a room with Paul and we took a shower, we had a meal at McDonalds. We took the metro, which takes 2:40 just to get down! It is huge! We walked around the city and saw some people standing in suits and dressed and we entered the building. Apparently we crashed a party, people were serving wine, champagne and there was a chocolate fondue and more, it was hilarious 😀

In the evening I had booked a canal cruise. Our tour guide brought sparkling wine and we had fun there. We headed back to the hotel and Gürhan asked us to go out with them, but we first wanted to chill and drink a bit at our room, and so we did.

We decided to walk and search for a pub/club but even after 30 minute we hadn’t found anything, so I walked up to some girls and asked them if they knew some club around and they said we could come with them. They brought us to some kind of underground club, and it was amazing.. Cheap Vodka, girls dancing on the bar and a lot of fun!

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